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Doghouse During Build

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Hi! My name is Tena, I am the owner of Up the Old Barn Road, as well as a treasure hunting junkie. I have always had a creative mind and a passion for providing a “face lift” to just about anything, to breathe new life into old, tired pieces. I can see the potential in whatever comes my way. Just like this little gem below! I picked it up for free, worked my magic and sold it for $30!!! How is that for a quick project that I spent $0 on! I had everything I needed in my shop! Trash to Treasure I am from Lincoln, CA but reside in a small town called, Ione, CA. We don’t even have a stoplight here! I live on a 5 acre ranch which is the perfect size for me! I love it out here! I have a workshop for woodworking, a LARGE craft room and a paint room out here, all together in an outbuilding outside! I am also a Mother to Karlee, 22 & Kaela, 20, and a brand new grandson, Danny who is 3 months old at the time of this post. They have kept me very busy to this point but now I have time for doing what I love, building & creating! I can’t wait to build something for you! My girls are going to be upset that I am using this picture but I don’t care! I am a Glammi now so I get to do whatever I want….Right?  😆 Tena Marie And Her Daughters This is my Grandson, Danny at 3 1/2 months old!

My Grandson, Danny-3 1_2 mos

And my beloved Yorkie, Chloe!


I am sure there is much more to say but…

Ta Ta for Now, Tena Marie




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