Fabulous Fridays-Fabulous Blog Series

A series of all things fabulous. 1st up starting February 3, 2017.  Fabulous Blogs & Bloggers share their fabulous posts with us.

Fabulous Fridays Blog Series

February 3, 2017

Blog: Pretty Handy Girl

Blogger: Brittany Bailey

Category: DIY-Build

February 10, 2017

Blog: My 17 in 17

Blogger: Bex Olson

Category: Country Girl DIY

February 17, 2017

Blog: Back to the South

Blogger: Lynn White

Category: Organize

March 3, 2017

Blog: Our Rustic City

Blogger: Morgan Mendoza

Category: She’s Crafty

Fabulous Friday, Blog Series 2.0 Featuring-A Domestic Wildflower 17

Hey guys! It is another Fabulous Friday and the first of the Blog Series 2.0 over here at Up the Old Barn Road! Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Gomes from The Domestic Wildflower. Yay! OBR: Tell our readers what your blog is all about. Jennifer: Helping beginners […]

Fabulous Friday-Blog Series, Featuring Jennifer Kurtz 58

Hey y’all! Here it is, another fabulous blog to share! This week I interviewed Jennifer Kurtz with the Jennifer Kurtz blog! I am going to jump right on in with a little of the inside scoop. Sound great? It is! OBR: Tell us what your blog is about? Jennifer: It’s about DIY/ Crafting, Branding, […]

Fabulous Friday-Featured Blog Series: The Vanderveen House 24

Hello again! Welcome to Fabulous Fridays! This week we are featuring Jessica Vanderveen from The Vanderveen House! Now for a sneak peek behind the scenes. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica about her blog. Here we go. OBR: What is your blog about? Jessica: The Vanderveen House is a story of […]

Fabulous Friday-Featured Blog: Our Rustic City 6

Hi Everybody!     Tena here for another inside look at another Fabulous Blog, Our Rustic City with Morgan Mendoza. Our Rustic City is A DIY & home decor blog. Here is what I learned about Morgan! OBR: Tell our viewers a little about yourself. Morgan:  I am 22 years old […]

Fabulous Friday! Featured Blog, Back to the South

How to Create a Morning Routine That Keeps Organized, Happy, and Productive Moving tends to throw things off.  You’re in a new space, you’re trying to get acclimated to your new surroundings, you’re to do list grows exponentially, and things can seem a bit “off.”  That’s exactly what happened to […]

Fabulous Friday! Featured Blog, My 17 in ’17

  Hi all! Welcome to Fabulous Friday, Fabulous Blog Series! I would like to introduce our featured, fabulous Blogger, Bex & her Blog, My 17 in ‘17. Today she is sharing her Fabulous Dog Treat Recipe with us! Before I get to her post, I would like share some background […]

Fabulous Friday-Blog Series 26

Hi! I want to introduce to you my Fabulous Friday Series starting February 3, 2017! It is, you guessed it, a series of posts about what I think is FABULOUS! I will kick off my first Fabulous Friday with Fabulous Blogs! Every Friday of the series will feature a blog and […]

Fabulous Fridays Blog Series