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Hey guys! It is another Fabulous Friday and the first of the Blog Series 2.0 over here at Up the Old Barn Road!

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Gomes from The Domestic Wildflower. Yay!

OBR: Tell our readers what your blog is all about.

Jennifer: Helping beginners create a more handmade and homemade life by providing food and craft instruction.

OBR: Tell us all about you!

Jennifer: I am a sewing, canning, creating mom of two in rural California. As a mom, I follow my two small children around as they unclean my home but I never catch up. As an old soul, I attempt to learn from my grandmother (or anyone’s grandmother, for that matter) and the ways we used to cook, clean, and care for our loved ones and our homes. As a sewist, I leave my sewing machine set up on the dining room table 90% of the time in case I have five free minutes. I’m an English teacher, a canning enthusiast, and I love helping beginners learn how to have a more handmade and homemade life.

OBR: Why & when did you start your blog?

Jennifer: I started blogging in 2015 when my kids were just old enough to give me a two-hour long nap break in the middle of the day. I used to work at a fabric store in college and every day customers used to say to me, “Oh, you are so talented/crafty/etc” and “I could NEVER do that!” which was seemed so strange to me. OF COURSE, these capable women could crochet a basket or sew a skirt, they just didn’t know how. My blog is the answer to that notion

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OBR: Thank you for opening yourself up for all to read!

Now for her adorable Bunting Garland Tutorial!


Burlap Bunting Garland

This burlap bunting garland is so simple to make for a very beginner for several reasons. Jute webbing is easy to sew on, and requires only a universal needle,  and basic sewing thread.

Sewing on jute webbing (that characteristically is just striped burlap meant for supporting a chair cushion in a chair or sofa) is easy, and gives a good chance for a newbie to practice making a narrow seam allowance (sewing close to the edge) and pivoting at the point of the garland to make a nice, sharp point. Of course, if you are a seasoned seamstress, this project will be even faster and easy to customize further.

Jute comes striped in a variety of colors (navy, black, and red) and a couple different widths. Mine in 4 inches wide.

You will need:

4 yards’ jute webbing

5 yards’ hemp rope

Universal sewing needle

all-purpose thread.


  1. Cut jute into 12 inch lengths.
  2. Zigzag cut edges.

*You can skip this step, but be warned that this webbing will fray significantly, and not in the cute way.

  1. Fold the end into a point.

2. Sew from the side, to the point, lower the needle, lift the presser foot, pivot, and sew down the other side of the triangle.

3. I prefer a narrow 1/8-inch seam allowance and since your stitches disappear readily in the jute webbing, this is a great time to practice sharpening your skills.

*Repeat on all sections.

3.Measure about 20 inches from the end of the rope. This is where your first section will be sewed.

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Lay the jute webbing sections around the hemp rope with the triangle points pointing to the right. The enveloped rope will be to the LEFT of the presser foot, which may feel strange but this worked best for the next step. Doing so creates a snug casing which will keep your sections of webbing from sliding all over your garland.

Continue to sew sections to the rope about fist-width, or 4 inches, apart, the length of the rope.

Knot ends of the rope and display! This bunting is perfect for Valentine’s Day or Christmas or just as a fun addition to any farmhouse decor.

And there you have it! Such a cute garland! If you would like more great tutorials, please visit Jennifer at The Domestic Wildflower!

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