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Hey y’all! Here it is, another fabulous blog to share! This week I interviewed Jennifer Kurtz with the Jennifer Kurtz blog! I am going to jump right on in with a little of the inside scoop. Sound great? It is!

OBR: Tell us what your blog is about?

Jennifer: It’s about DIY/ Crafting, Branding, Marketing

OBR: Tell me about yourself.

Jennifer: I’m a 20-something living in Arkansas with a diva English Bulldog, Penelope, who is still trying to hold onto her youth! I love tacos, puppies, champagne, throw pillows, bubble baths, and getting snail mail. I love running and yoga. I’ve done 4 half marathons and 1 full marathon! I’m a creator at heart and have an innate ability to just tell when things go together. I love to craft/DIY as well as graphic and website design, all of which I write about on my blog.

OBR: Why & when did you start your blog?

Jennifer: I started my blog in January of 2016 when I was really unhappy in my corporate job and needed a way to unleash my creativity after sitting in a room without windows full of cubicles for 40 hours a week. I have a master’s degree in engineering and while it fulfilled my analytical, critical thinking side, it was wholly unfulfilling in my creative, social side. I’ve always done DIY so I thought I would just start writing about it. In May I left my corporate job to focus on doing what was fulfilling to me all the time.

Now here is Jenn’s infamous DIY Beaded Chandelier!

DIY Beaded Chandelier

*Edit: If you would like to buy this chandelier instead of make it, send me an email HEREEEE

It is fully custom so you can change the color to whatever you want.  $340 + $20 shipping*

In July I found the most perfect house for Penelope and me to rent in Fayetteville. It was exactly where I wanted it to be, a little on the older side, and no gross carpet from who knows how many tenets. There was one problem though…

What is that, you ask? It is the light for my living area.

It is also the most hideous lighting fixture I’ve ever seen. It looks like it belongs in the Slytherin common room. Or Count Dracula’s castle. Or LSU’s campus. I didn’t even notice it until my landlord pointed it out when he was showing me the house. And I KID YOU NOT, he goes “You can replace it if you want, but keep it so I can put it back when you move out.” Like…have you encountered this question before possibly? You really want to put that monstrosity back?!

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So I set out to replace it. I have known in my head what I’ve wanted to do for a long time, I just needed to find the time/research how to wire things in the ceiling-because like I know that sheet of paper says I majored in engineering but really I majored in drinking at fraternity houses and eating late night bagels at the KD house. (Hi Mom.) Have y’all seen this chandelier on Pinterest like a billion times?

I love it. Except I couldn’t find a thorough DIY that really explained everything so here goes!

Things you’ll need:

Hanging basket

500 16mm wooden beads

1500 12mm wooden beads

Ceiling canopy kit (the cover that goes over the wires into the ceiling. There’s just a hole up there. Did y’all know that? I didn’t.)

Collar loop kit (what you are going to attach to the top of the hanging basket & use to hang it from the ceiling)

Keyless socket

8 ft. lamp cord

3 ft. fixture chain

3/4” steel hanger strap

Crochet thread


1 small 4” loop

Big 6” loop

Wire (for securing loops on lamp)

4 cans of white spray paint

STEP 1: Unclamp the top chain link of the hanging basket and reclamp it around the 4” loop.

STEP 2: Assemble the collar loop kit. This wasn’t so bad. It goes together like this (from the Home Depot website).  I know this is upside down from the website, but this is how it will look at the top of your basket.

STEP 3: Use wire to attach the cross bar from the collar loop kit (the long silver piece) to the 4” loop now suspending your basket. Now, instead of the hanger suspending your basket, the loop should be suspending your basket with the loop kit attached.

STEP 4: Place 6″ loop over basket and use wire to attach the 6″ loop to where it naturally falls.  Count chain links up from the basket so it is even on all 3 chains.

STEP 5: Take the 8ft lamp cord and feed the unfinished end through the center hole (“nipple”) of the collar loop kit. The end of the wire should now be hanging in the middle of your basket.

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STEP 6: Depending on what keyless socket you bought, it could be assembled differently. Really, you just want the wires to touch the appropriate metal part. For the one I bought: unscrew the top. Feed one wire through each slit so the end is resting on the metal pyramid. Screw the lid back down.

STEP 7: VERY IMPORTANT: Put a light bulb in your keyless socket and plug your unfinished lamp in the wall. Make sure the light turns on. You do not want to have to diagnose this issue surrounded by beads.

STEP 8: Take the lightbulb out. Spray paint the lamp skeleton the same color as your beads so it blends in. (Mine is white.)

STEP 9: So, I bought unfinished wood beads because they were a lot cheaper. The best way I came up with to paint them was to empty them into the box and spray paint them. I would let them sit for 5ish minutes, shake the box, then spray paint again. This may or may not be the best way to do it, but it is what I did. The beads kind of absorb the paint so it will take a lot more paint than you expect. I kept 1 spray paint bottle for a nice covering once it is all assembled.

STEP 10: Start threading the bottom. The rest of this step will depend on the size of your basket! I started on the bottom section with 16mm beads. I double knotted the crochet thread on the bottom ring and cut a strip about the right length. Then I added 14 beads. Then I double knotted the string on the top of the basket. There are 32 strands of 14 beads each around the base. Make sure the beads hang loose and leave a little bit of room at the top.

When you are cutting the ends off after knotting, DO NOT CUT TOO CLOSE. The string will come undone and all of your beads will fall and if you live on a hill, they will all roll down the street and then your bulldog will think this is a fun game and run down the street chasing them. This may or may not have happened. Twelve times. Seriously.  Maybe more than 12.  It was a lot and I got frustrated to say the least.

STEP 11: Start threading the top. Attach the string to the top 4” loop, cut the string about the appropriate size. String about 38 12mm beads on the string and tie a double knot on the basket top where your bigger beads are tied. I did 39 strings of 38 beads each. There are 13 strands between each chain.  Again, let them hang loose a little bit and leave a finger width space at the top.

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STEP 12: Take the steel hanger strap and wrap it around the top of the basket.  Secure with wire.  Wrap the steel hanger strap around the top of the chandelier and secure with wire.

STEP 13: Spray paint the entire chandelier again. (I put my lightbulb back in at this step- just so I could bask in the glory of how awesome it looked…and then forgot to take it out and spray painted the light bulb.  Don’t do this.  My dad informed me a spray painted light bulb could be a hazard and bust if it got too hot….wooops!)

STEP 14: Wrap the steel hanger strap with twine.  I found it easiest to hot glue the beginning of the twine to the back of the steel hanger strap, cut a strip, wrap, and then hot glue the end of the twine to the back.

STEP 15: Hang from the ceiling!! This is what you use the ceiling canopy kit for.  Now, I’m purposefully  not going to explain this part because I don’t want to confuse  you.  My house was built in the Ice Age I’m pretty sure, so the electrical hasn’t been updated.  Your hanging of the chandelier is going to be way easier than mine; I kind of had to jerry-rig mine to work.  You will likely not have to do that.  Here is what the finished product looks like!!

What do you think?! Any changes I could make? Any other color combinations? Anything you would have done differently?



Tena here! Pop on over to Jenn’s blog to see her original post and more over at Jennifer Kurtz Blog!

Find the supplies needed below!!

DIY Beaded Chandelier

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