Fabulous Friday-Featured Blog Series: The Vanderveen House 24

Hello again! Welcome to Fabulous Fridays! This week we are featuring Jessica Vanderveen from The Vanderveen House!

Now for a sneak peek behind the scenes. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica about her blog. Here we go.

OBR: What is your blog about?

Jessica: The Vanderveen House is a story of the homes we have lived in and renovated ourselves, as well as a portfolio of our DIY projects, home decoration, and furniture makeovers. We have lived in and renovated three very different houses since 2008, all within rural areas south of Ottawa, ON. Most recently, I documented our weekly progress as we built our forever home on 30 acres of land in the country.

OBR: Why & when did you start blogging?

Jessica: I started blogging in January 2016. We were planning to build a house and I thought it would be a great way for friends and family to follow along with our progress.

OBR: Tell us a little about yourself.

Jessica: My husband and I bought our first house in 2008. It was a fixer upper that needed a lot of work. After living in that house we both realized that we loved doing home renovation projects. After selling our first house, we lived in two other houses where we completed many different renovation and home decoration projects. Our biggest project yet was building our forever home acting as our own general contractors. We also have four small children that have joined us at each successive house. We love completing home renovation projects together as a family, and learning new skills as we work on each project.

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Please stop by The Vanderveen House for more DIY tutorials!

DIY Rustic Barn Board Clock

The rustic reclaimed look for home decorating is so trendy lately, and I’ve totally hopped on that bandwagon. I love how some old wood can add character and charm to a house and make it feel lived in and homey. For my latest project I made a barn board clock out of some scrap pieces of lumber that I rescued from our land. I decided to make a square clock face rather than a circle, and tried out a new technique for the numbers using epoxy resin and chalk dust.

Barnboard clock with chalk dust epoxy resin inlay

This is a fairly simple project and can be made in any shape or size depending on what kind of scrap wood you have on hand. Continue reading for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Cut and layout the pieces

I cut my pieces down to about two inches wide. The piece of lumber I was using was fairly rotten in some places, so I just used the pieces that were in the best shape. Use your imagination for this part!



Step 2: Glue and clamp

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Use  a generous amount of wood glue on all the edges of your pieces, then clamp them together. I did mine in two stages over a couple days.



Let it dry, then clean up the wood with a steel brush or a sanding block to reveal some cleaner wood.

Square face child board clock

Step 3: Make holes for clock numbers

First measure and mark where to place your numbers. Find the center of the clock, and mark “12, 3, 6, & 9” using a tape measure and straight edge. Then use a triangle to find the angles for the remaining numbers, and measure the same distance from the center of the clock. I used a spade bit for my holes, but I’m sure there are better drill bit options.


 Square face barnboard clock with inlay numbers

Step 4: Chalk dusk epoxy inlay

I really wanted to try something new and do an inlay with epoxy resin. I had some epoxy left over from another project and decided to use chalk dust from my husband’s chalk line to add some color. Follow the instructions for the resin, and add the chalk dust to the mix. Then carefully pour the resin into the holes. Another lesson I learned – avoid drilling the holes where the wood is glued together. The epoxy ended up seeping through the cracks and made a big mess.


 Chalk dust epoxy resin inlay

Step 5: Attach clock kit

When the epoxy is dry you can cut out an area at the back for the clock parts. I bought the clock kit from Michaels, and with a coupon it came to about $8. I traced around the clock kit, then cut out the wood using a buzz saw. Follow the instructions on the package to attach the clock kit to the wood face.

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DIY barnboard clock

Then hang it, and you’re all set! I hung mine in the mudroom, so I can see just how late we are as we’re running out the door.

DIY Barnboard clock with chalk dust epoxy resin

I really love the how the color of the numbers turned out. The numbers are such a deep blue color. You could play around with the amount of chalk dust you add, or mix colors to make your own combination. The options are endless!

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