Re-Launching on January 1st, 2017

Tena Marie & Montana

Welcome to Up the Old Barn Road, a DIY Blog! Relaunch Jan. 1st!

Tena Marie & Montana
We are a DIYers dream, including, DIY Build, Show Me How To’s, Reclaimed DIY Rustic, Farmhouse Home Decor, DIY Life Hacks, Country Girl DIY, Repurposing of furniture & MORE!
All on a tight budget!
You can also sign up for The “Country Club” where you will have access to FREE printables, publications, DISCOUNTS and personalized graphics (Limited)!! Don’t forget to SIGN UP for the Country Club!
If you are a fellow BLOGGER, I would LOVE to hear some tips, Tricks, advice and check out your blogs!
We are almost finished with our website & working on our launch party!

Email me if you have any questions or suggestions! I would love to hear them!


Hope to hear from you!

Signature, Tena Marie



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