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Tena Marie

Press Release

New York Times, 12-30-16

Tena Marie

Home-Based Entrepreneur Uses Old to Design Vintage and Home Décor

A full-time medical assistant during the day, an inspired vintage crafter by night, Tena Thixton is a home-based Entrepreneur who loves what she does.  Creating and designing vintage and country home décor is a passion of Tena’s.  Most of her designs are used with a beautiful barn wood that originated from a ranches located in Sloughouse & Ione, California.  The barn wood was salvaged from a Blacksmith’s , dated back to the late 1800’s, early 1900’s.  

Tena hand-picks the “perfectly  imperfect” wood for all her designs, and builds everything the old-fashioned way, with her own two hands in her own workshop located in Ione, Ca. Extra care is taken in preserving the natural beauty of the wood by sealing it with a matte finish sealer.

If you’re looking for a unique home décor piece made personally for you, you’ve come to the right place. When you purchase a piece from Up the Old Barn Road, you can be sure that there is no other piece like it anywhere.  

About Tena Thixton

Tena has always had a creative mind and a passion for providing a “face lift” to just about anything, to breathe new life into old, tired pieces. She can see the potential in whatever comes her way. When she first began putting this creative process to practical use, she did so for her own home and her own purposes, never dreaming that one day she would be able to parlay this “hobby” into a business. However, when she began using barn wood to create, she slowly expanded the workshop and began to garner attention from others who had seen her work.  She gets to do what she loves and her customers can enjoy one of a kind pieces made just for them.


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Tena Thixton
Up the Old Barn Road

Ione, California

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