Fabulous Friday-Blog Series, Featuring Jennifer Kurtz 58

Hey y’all! Here it is, another fabulous blog to share! This week I interviewed Jennifer Kurtz with the Jennifer Kurtz blog! I am going to jump right on in with a little of the inside scoop. Sound great? It is! OBR: Tell us what your blog is about? Jennifer: It’s about DIY/ Crafting, Branding, […]

Fabulous Friday-Featured Blog Series: The Vanderveen House 24

Hello again! Welcome to Fabulous Fridays! This week we are featuring Jessica Vanderveen from The Vanderveen House! Now for a sneak peek behind the scenes. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica about her blog. Here we go. OBR: What is your blog about? Jessica: The Vanderveen House is a story of […]

Wordless Wednesday 57

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hey y’all! Welcome to Wordless Wednesday! I decided that this week I would showcase some of the work I have done. It’s wordless because I built and made these items before I started blogging and have no tutorials for them!  Now that’s a good reason! […]

Fabulous Fridays Blog Series

Fabulous Friday-Blog Series 26

Hi! I want to introduce to you my Fabulous Friday Series starting February 3, 2017! It is, you guessed it, a series of posts about what I think is FABULOUS! I will kick off my first Fabulous Friday with Fabulous Blogs! Every Friday of the series will feature a blog and […]

11 Must Have Power Tools for Woodworking 1

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The following list of power tools are not only my favorite, but tools I own & use regularly. Folding or Freestanding work bench. I needed more space than the folding workbench gave me so I built my own! Sander, either the Ryobi Detail Sander or […]

Power Drill & Screws

Tena Marie & Montana

Re-Launching on January 1st, 2017

Welcome to Up the Old Barn Road, a DIY Blog! Relaunch Jan. 1st! We are a DIYers dream, including, DIY Build, Show Me How To’s, Reclaimed DIY Rustic, Farmhouse Home Decor, DIY Life Hacks, Country Girl DIY, Repurposing of furniture & MORE! All on a tight budget! You can also […]